All-in-One Plex Media
and M3U Player

Mobi Player is an Android Media Player for IPTV ethusiasts.
It's easy to use and keeps your IPTV activity private.

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Introducing Mobi Player

The world’s most secure IPTV and Plex media player that allows you combine Plex server content and up to 3 M3U playlists into one output.

Great For Mobile & TV

View your IPTV and Plex content on all android mobiles, tablets and TV devices.

Easy To Setup

Install Mobi Player, sign up, upload your content and start viewing your IPTV content securely.

Learns what you love

With our propriatory learning API Mobi Player will fill your screen with only the things you will love.

Light Design

An APK size of 15mb makes Mobi Player the world lightest and fastest launching media player.

Mix it up

Drag, drop and re-order your IPTV channels until they're in perfect order for you.

Stream Away

Stream safely, connect to our integrated multi server VPN to stream in total privacy.

Mobi Player 100% free and contains no adverts

Download Mobi Player for your
android device !

  • 100% free to download and use
  • Mobile & TV Compatible
  • Full TV guide and program images
  • Separate Live TV and VOD
  • Full TMDB meta data
  • Add unlimited extra devices
  • Combine Plex & Live TV

Why users love
our great application

2 years in the making, over 10,000 happy users, Mobi Player is fast becoming the media player of choice for savvy IPTV streamers and IPTV sellers.

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Bogdan Kikpacovi
“Great app. Interface is nice and easy to use. I especially like that I can stream my plex content with tmy m3u content.“
Bradley Coulter
“Great app. Easy to use and easy to setup. Does everything I need.“
William De-Leaner
“Literally like merging Netflix and normal TV, I love it. The suggestions make my life so much easier.“
Gerard Harvey-Orme
“A huge improvement over Perfect Player and Smarters. The VPN is a very nice touch.“

Quick look at our plans & pricing

This project is funded by your support and we really need your support to keep the project moving. Payment is optional but if you support us you can access some extra features.

$ 0/mo
  • 1 M3U playlist
  • VOD sorting and meta data
  • Automated EPG
  • Add additional devices
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Mobi Player Pro
$ 4.99/mo
  • Create your own playlist
  • Unlimited VPN access
  • Add 3 M3U Playlists
  • Add 1 Plex Media Server
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Mobi Player XC
$ 24.99/mo
  • For IPTV Providers
  • Distribute your content with Mobi Player
  • Add up to 3 M3U Playlists
  • Add up to 6 Plex Media servers
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Not sure which plan is right for you ? Feel free to contact us for more info and details.

Some frequently asked questions for you

Do you supply IPTV content ?

No. We do not provide any content for Mobi Player whatsoever. All communications asking for content will be ignored. You must provide your own content to view in the platform. We just make the tools, you decide how to use them.

What do I need to get started ?

You need either an invite from your IPTV provider or your M3U with options playlist from your IPTV provider or one that you have created yourself. Take your Android device, install Mobi Player and when prompted you upload your M3U URL to our server for parsing. In around 2-3 minutes your content will be ready to be consumed.

What is Mobi Player Free, Pro and XC ?

Free and Pro are standalone user accounts, Pro is a project supporter level of membership who can make use of the suite of tools we have available and the multi server VPN which is integrated in to the application. A Mobi Player XC account is one for IPTV providers who want to easily and securely distribute their content with many users.

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